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ARKit: Measuring Apps are the new AR Gold Rush

It looks like the market for ARKit-based measurement tools will be pretty crowded pretty fast, with UK startup DigitalBridge announcing its own such product, it is called Survey. Measuring up Survey seems quite well developed. The people behind it...

ARKit for retail 0

Why Smart Retailers are Rushing to ARKit

Apple’s ARKit is something else. We’re seeing early prototypes of new solutions appear super-rapidly, and the retail industry as a whole appears super-excited. Why is retail excited? Retailers see money in this. They like money. Specifically, they like...

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Today in ARKit: AR is on the Menu

I remain “high on AR”, and I am watching developers introducing concepts that seem to cater to a fast-expanding range of usage cases. The only limitation is imagination Today’s interesting AR app is an interactive food menu. Think...

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