Rumor: iPhone 8 on sale 22 September, pre-order 15 September

Buying and selling iPhones

This was the scene at the O2 store when the first iPhone was sold in the UK way back in November 2007.

It may be time to call your bank, extend your credit deals, research the iPhone Upgrade scheme as rumorists claim Apple’s next iPhones will go on sale on 22 September – but don’t expect them to be easy to get hold of.

Ten days later

With Apple expected to announce its new devices during a special event held in the all-new Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park on September 12, we’re already hearing/seeing a bunch of claims around the launch.

One recent set of grainy photographs even claim to show palettes of new breed iPhones being loaded in China for delivery to Apple in Cupertino, presumably for a few seed units to select executives and other ‘opinion formers’.

However, the most exciting news (for the rest of us) will probably be just when we ordinary souls can expect to get our hands on the new devices, which are expected to define the next ten years of smartphone tech (or five, given the accelerating rate of tech change).

The high-end iPhone 8/X/Edition/smartphone on steroids device is also expected to ship, apparently.

Evan Blass claims pre-orders are set to begin September 15, with the devices set for release on September 22. His claims were later kind of collaborated by some sketchy carrier source, who told Benjamin Geskin to expect release on 22/9, with staff at the carrier’s stores told the shop will open early to cater for the event.

Apple will stream the announcement on 12 September starting at 10am local time. You’ll be able to watch it via any Apple device and also online here.

Meanwhile, here’s the poll — it’s looking pretty positive, I’d say…


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