Put A Little Fender Guitar Inside Your iPhone

Thanks to Fender Digital

Thanks to Fender Digital

I know some real guitar players. Some of them are quite good. Some are excellent, and some loathe technology almost as much as they love flat steel guitars. Each to their own. If you are a guitar player with an iPhone your good news today is the launch of the first Fender Digital app, Fender Tune.

If you are wondering who Fender Digital is, let me explain: Fender Digital is the new digital arm of one of the world’s most renowned guitar manufacturers, Fender. They’ve been around since 1946 and have a world class reputation for making guitars real musicians love to play. This is why you’ll want to use this free app, because it lives up to the rep of the parent firm.

You see, this is a great little guitar tuning app, equally at home with regular and alternative tunings for bass, electric and acoustic guitars. It uses the mic in the iPhone to identify the tuning and guides you through the process of tuning up your guitar, using highly accurate feedback bubbles to help you get it right.

In use, I’ve found it one of the easiest iPhone guitar tuners around when tuning my guitars in order to play the three chords I know. (Sorry, neighbours). It offers auto tune, manual tune and chromatic tuning modes. You can create your own custom tunings and also choose between standard, Open G and 20 additional pre-set tuning options. This will be a boon to any guitarist who wants to get tuned fast.

You can expect more interesting apps from Fender Digital in future:

“Fender Tune is the first in a suite of products we are creating that will enable players of all levels to evolve their skill sets, bridging our physical products with innovative digital assets,” Ethan Kaplan, General Manager and Chief Product Officer, Fender Digital told me in a press release.

“We are creating an entire ecosystem, a connected series of applications for players to make them play better, make it easier and more fun, connect them with other players and ultimately celebrate what it means to be a player.”

It will be incredibly interesting taking a look at what other apps emerge from Fender in future, I imagine we can look forward to all kinds of cool stuff — effects pedals? amp simulators? Who knows? Meanwhile, here’s a short video of the app in action:

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