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Now you can use an iPhone to take a Virgin train

Charging what is often called the ‘most expensive’ prices in Europe isn’t the only way UK railway companies are figuring out how to make train travel feel almost as exclusive as air transport, now Virgin Railways and


Smartphones: Android dominates, Apple wins

The Android market has just about reached its strongest point, the platform has absolute control of the smartphone industry, but there’s no reason to rejoice: #whereisthemoney? You see, even though Android has become the dominant OS, no one...


Apple users: If you read iBooks, you need this

I travel, and when I do I’ve grown fond of bringing an iPad Pro stuffed with books, a little music and a movie or two, particularly on long plane journeys, but even the most enthusiastic media consumers need...


How to bring back the MacBook Pro startup chime

Yesterday we mourned the loss of it; today we learn how to bring it back again. This is how to restore the startup chime to your new MacBook Pro: Launch Terminal Write: sudo nvram BootAudio=%01 If you don’t...