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Is Apple designing the future in China?

Did you catch the news that Apple announced a new research and development center in Shenzen, China last week? Probably, it was widely reported – what wasn’t so well reported was news that ARM and Apple supplier Foxconn...


Apple: The future of enterprise IT

Apple is the future of computing, enterprise, or otherwise. Here are three reasons why: #jnuc2016 — Rich Trouton (@rtrouton) October 19, 2016 #jnuc2016 — Rich Trouton (@rtrouton) October 19, 2016 "Mac is the standard at IBM...


The line Samsung hopes everyone forgets

Kudos to Smartuplife for spotting this one, but do you recall the slogan Samsung used when it first introduced th Galaxy brand, the one that spawned the incredibly dangerous now banned in-flight Galaxy Note 7 smartphone? You do...