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Samsung Owners Don’t Seem So Excited About The S8 Phone

Samsung will release its S8 smartphone tomorrow, and while we don’t know if the company will make the kind of transparent commitment to product recycling in recognition of Earth day the Apple has made this week, we do know that most Samsung owners...


Get Ready For The Server-Grade iMac Pro

Seeking to scratch back initiative in the desktop PC market, Apple may be hatching a plan for a ‘server-grade’ iMac, according to a Digitimes report. This does chime well with Apple’s recent open table discussions with media as...


How To End iCloud ‘Approval Request’ Overkill

This happens: You are using your iOS device in the ordinary way, when seemingly for no reason you begin to receive persistent instances in which the ‘approval request sent’ pop-up appears on the device, demanding you approve use...