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Analyst predicts up to 230 million iPhone sales in FY2017

As is usual across the group-think of Apple reporting, claims that the iPhone isn’t doing so well are over-exaggerated, according to Mizuho Securities Senior Analyst Abhey Lamba, but next year’s sales patterns are “uncertain”. I’ve contacted Lamba with...


Here’s the easy way to get a touchscreen iMac

It takes just ten seconds to turn your Mac into a touchscreen Mac, at least that’s the promise being made by MaskTouch, a Chinese brand from TMDTouch (it’s the third generation of a product this company has been...


Decoding Apple’s EU tax bill

In essence taxation isn’t just about legality, it’s also about ethics. I’ll leave it to wiser heads than mine to declare just what the ethical rate of taxation is that the world’s biggest corporations should pay, but I...