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Apple Pay in-flight? 0

Apple Pay Takes to the Skies With Ryanair

European Apple Pay users – and UK users, too, at least until our current administration’s utterly shambolic Brexit ‘negotiation’ team make everyone else in Europe hate us enough not to let us visit – can now pay for...

Next generation menus 0

Today in ARKit: AR is on the Menu

I remain “high on AR”, and I am watching developers introducing concepts that seem to cater to a fast-expanding range of usage cases. The only limitation is imagination Today’s interesting AR app is an interactive food menu. Think...


Does Apple Plan to Transform Rail Transport?

Apple is apparently working with the Indian government to improve that nation’s railway infrastructure. What?? India’s government wants to raise train speeds to 600kmh and is working with tech firms including Apple, railway minister Suresh Prabhu said. “We...