Elgato is Becoming the World’s Most Prolific HomeKit Device Maker

You have to hand it to Elgato. The company has always made some of the most interesting Mac, PC, and iPhone accessories, but it really seems to have come into its own alongside Apple’s HomeKit. Right now, it seems to offer the widest range of compatible devices, with almost twenty solutions available now, including five new items announced today. (I don’t know of another firm offering such a broad catalog of solutions for HomeKit).

Eve Thermo 2

Elgato today announced the second generation of its connected radiator valve, Eve Thermo. The new model introduces capacitive touch control and integrated temperature display of the target temperature. It offers precise temperature control, frost damage protection and automatic valve maintenance and can be controlled via scheduling, HomeKit automations, Siri, Apple Home and the Eve app. The product ships September 26.

Eve Lock

Developed in cooperation with Yale, Elgato claims its electronic lock “turns your door into a self-locking entrance, securing it automatically against break-in attempts”. You can control your locks using Siri, Apple Home or the Eve App to monitor and control Eve Lock. HomeKit integration means you can even open the lock remotely, if you need to let someone in while you are away from home. access to a visitor even when you’re away from home.

Eve Smoke

With a ten-year battery life, Eve Smoke is smart enough to not only monitor your rooms but also to keep an eye on its own settings and power needs. You can use Siri, Apple Home or the Eve App to check the detector’s state or access its settings. The connected alarm system uses proven smoke detection technology from Hager, a leading provider of electrical installation and security technology.

Eve Window Guard

Eve Window Guard senses tamper force on a window and detects if it is open, closed or tilted. When it changes its state, Eve Window Guard will send a HomeKit notification to your iPhone. The Bluetooth sensor is a HomeKit enabled version of the patented one-piece EiMSIG sensor design that slots into your window frame, completely out of sight.

Eve Aqua

What do you need when you have a smart home? A smart garden, maybe. Eve Aqua is a battery-powered, Bluetooth enabled garden controller that will automatically water in accordance with custom schedules, or commands. The system also monitors how often you water your plants, enabling you to stop killing them with excess water-driven kindness.

You should find these products appear at the Elgato store on Amazon as soon as they ship toward the end of September.

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