Apple’s new iPhones dampened U.S. Android marketshare, report

iPhone X delivers Apple appeal

Apple’s iPhones won hearts and minds in every market

As predicted, the popularity of its new iPhones has given Apple a bigger slice of U.S. market share and mean it is now the biggest single smartphone manufacturer there.

Android falls as iOS rises

The latest U.S. data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners confirms this news, claiming that between October-December 2017.

Together, Android and iOS accounted for virtually 100% of US mobile phone activations. The data confirms Apple had built-up significant pent-up demand for its new iPhones, as this data shows:

Apple claws it back

Apple’s new iPhones have delivered good results

iOS data

  • In December 2017 quarter, iOS accounted for 39% of activations
  • In December 2016 quarter, iOS accounted for 34% of activations
  • In September 2017 quarter, iOS accounted for 29% of activations

Android data

  • In December 2017 quarter, Android accounted for 60% of U.S. activations
  • In December 2016 quarter, Android accounted for 64% of U.S. activations
  • In September quarter 2017, Android accounted for 71% of U.S. activations.

“Apple’s iOS increased its mobile operating system share in the US in the most recent quarter,” said Josh Lowitz, Partner and Co-Founder of CIRP.

“While Android still leads, the launch of the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X models, without similar new Android phones, allowed Apple to increase its share of activations in the quarter, relative last quarter and to the year-ago quarter.”

Brand insights

Apple had the highest share in the US market in the December 2017 quarter, at 39%, with Samsung next at 32% and LG at 13%. The rest of the Android ecosystem fight over the scraps. “All other brands, including Motorola, HTC, and others, accounted for the remaining 15%,” the researchers claim.

These new figures lend weight to recent findings from Kantar WorldPanel ComTech, who saw the new devices boost Apple’s presence in key markets including China, UK and U.S. (In the UK, Apple took almost half the smartphone market).

These insights were also suggested by Localytics analysis shortly subsequent to the iPhone introductions last November.

“Apple’s big bet on the iPhone X – it’s most expensive model to date – seems to be paying off, as reflected by the 47% lift in new activations over the Thanksgiving weekend,” said the company.

It will be interesting to see what iPhone sales insights the company chooses to share when it announces its financial results on February 13.

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