Apple Pencil 2: Why Are So Many Apple Pencil Products Discounted on Amazon?

Mr. Miyamoto tries out iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with a freehand sketch of Super Mario Run.

There has been some speculation that Apple may be preparing to upgrade one of its smaller products, introducing Apple Pencil 2. Announcement was expected at a March iPad Pro 2 launch event that never happened, but it is interesting to find numerous Apple Pencil accessories are now available at steep discounts on Amazon.

All Kinds of Everything

You’ll find numerous Apple Pencil products available for sale, from the Fintie all-in-one cap holder and lightning cable adapter (Now $5.99, down from $29.99) to the MOKO Apple Pencil holder (Now at $7.99). Even the rather stylish aluminium TechMatte Apple Pencil charging dock/stand has been discounted.

In fact, exploring through the Amazon store you’ll find a rash of iPad Pro peripherals now available at discount prices – from this Apple Pencil Case (over $36 discount) to this backlit keyboard case for the product. Heck, you can even pick up a 9.7-inch iPad Pro at $64 off the mark price (or $161 off the cost if you want a 256GB version).


None of this means anything at all – it’s all just circumstantial stuff, but if you happen to own a current edition iPad Pro (and you should – they’re fantastic) then this looks like a pretty good time to begin to price out some new accessories.

However, if you’re waiting for the new model, then you may be waiting a little longer.

Jonny Evans

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