6 of the world’s most expensive iOS accessories

We know that the richest one percent now own more of the country’s wealth than at any time in the last 50 years, so unless you are fortunate enough to be one in that club, it’s unlikely you’ll be investing in any of this six-strong selection of expensive iOS-compatible accessories.


A drone: Alta8

There’s drones and there’s Alta8 drones. These ultra-tough UAVs are built for robust use: film production, emergency relief and more. You get up to 35-minutes flight time, falling to around 10-minutes if fully laden – the drone can carry up to 20 pounds (about the weight of a high-quality movie cameras).

Of course, when you put thousands of dollars of film production kit on your $18,000 drone, you’re going to want to keep it safe, so it provides comprehensive in-flight data through your iOS device, and a handy return to base feature that kicks in if there’s a problem or the system runs out of fuel. Oh, and it’s powerful enough to pull a man on water-ski’s…

A case: Advent Aurora for iPhone X

Not actually the most expensive iPhone case in the world, the $1,295 Advent Aurorais made of top grade titanium, at the same quality more often used in aviation or Formula 1. Each case is individually made, hand-torched to add reflective color and given a unique serial number, too. The company makes a range of iPhone cases, all at similarly eye-watering prices, though I’m not convinced you’re wireless charging will be especially effective with your Apple phone stashed inside one of these metal devices.

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A picture: Depict Frame

It’s not cheap and available in strictly limited quantity, but the Depict Frame features what the company says is a “museum quality” 49-inch 4K display tuned to display digital art at its very best.

The frame includes access to the Depict Frame collection of digital art, which means you’ll never get tired of the hugely expensive art piece you have placed on your wall, apparently. You can also beam your own images direct from your iPhone or iPad. The cost? $899. Or you could just get a clip frame.

A music system: Wrensilva Sonos Edition Record Console

I love my HomePod, but this is in a different league: A hand-crafted Sonos-equipped Hi-Fi system that includes a working turntable and support for Sonos devices across the home.

The Wrensilva Sonos Edition includes two integrated Play5 speakers which can mesh with other Sonos systems around your home, and will integrate with AirPlay 2 when it ships. One more thing, the way this works means you can also use the system to stream your precious vinyl music all through your home. All this for just $5,000…

A car: How about a Ferrari?

There are so many top-of-the-range vehicles integrating Apple’s CarPlay support, but the Ferrari California T is still a great way for an insanely rich Apple user to show their love of Italian style. You get everything you expect from any CarPlay system, ina vehicle that does 0-100kmh in 3.6 seconds for a top-speed of 196mph and ABS brakes that can stop the vehicle from 100kmh in just 34-metres. Sadly, at $180,000, most of us will have to settle for this instead.

Keep fit with Life Fitness

LifeFitness manufactures Apple GymKit-enabled cardio equipmentthat integrates with your Apple Watch to pump data into your Heath and Activity monitors while you break out a sweat. This is the kind of professional exercise equipment you’d expect to find in any well-equipped gym, so of course you’ll be wanting to install it at home. The company sells a wide range of gym and exercise equipment, including the Life Fitness Platinum Series illustrated here. From $2,800.

What other off-the-hook expensive iOS accessories have you come across?

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