25% call iPhone ‘most life-changing tech’ in 25-years

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Almost a quarter of people think iPhone is the most significant tech since the 90’s

Apple and the iPhone kick started the smartphone craze, which is itself the most life-changing technology of the past 25-years, a new survey claims. It makes it pretty clear that…

iPhone changed the world

Asked which tech had had the biggest impact since the ‘90’s, an overwhelming 60 percent of people surveyed chose the smartphone. Indeed, one-in-four people (25 percent) see Apple’s iPhone as the most important technology we’ve seen across this time.

The marketing angle in this data is that TSI (who commissioned the research) recently launched a new unified communication solution that enables businesses to deploy anywhere on any device.

Company MD, Steve Kyprianou, TSI MD, said: “Despite 35mm cameras and phones with aerials now being referred to as vintage, I can still remember my very first brick-like phone, not to mention the pager, and how innovative it was when first released.”

It is a shame this is marketing, but the survey results are interesting to think about.

They confirm that Apple’s Steve Jobs was (once again) correct when he promised, “We’re going to make history today” when announcing the iPhone all those years ago.

What about the old?

When it comes to the technologies Apple went up against, the data has some other insights that may be worth thinking about. Things like VCR recorders, pagers, 35mm cameras are most definitely yesterday’s heroes, the research reveals.  50 percent of people no longer own ground-breaking gadgets of the 1990s.

There is one tech that doesn’t seem to want to grow old gracefully.

The most common piece of old technology that we still have in the UK is a corded mouse with a track ball. One in four people surveyed still own or use one of these. It is questionable if they are using this one, however:

repetitive strain injury anyone

Not every Apple product is all that great — the famed round puck mouse for one.

It is also interesting that 9 percent of people still have a floppy disc and 3 percent own a fax machine.

What old technology do you still keep around? Here’s mine:

Bang Bang TV Master

One of the world’s first domestic video games consoles.

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